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Media Files

‘The Wall Must Fall’ Nov. 12 2004 Palestine Solidarity Forum in Vancouver Against Apartheid Wall www.workingtv.com

CanPalNet Publications –

Gaza: Canada‘s Complicity flyer
Gaza: Canada‘s Complicity - in PDF format

Gaza 2006 flyer
Gaza 2006: Children Killed in a War the World Doesn’t Want to Know About - in PDF format

The Hamas Election Victory 2006 leaflet
The Hamas Election Victory - in PDF format (2.2 MB)

Cover of The Roadmap Hits the Wall leaflet
The Road Map Hits the Wall - in PDF format

Resource List for The Road Map Hits the Wall Leaflet

cover of Iraq and Palestine leaflet
Iraq and Palestine: Two Fronts of the Same War - in PDF format

Resource List for the Iraq and Palestine Leaflet

cover of Canpalnet Statement September 2001
CanPalNet Statement
Sept. 2001 - in PDF format

cover of Remembering Beirut leaflet 
Remembering Beirut
19 years since the Sabra and Shatila massacres
- in PDF format

cover of Where does Canada Stand 1 leaflet  
Palestine and Israel: Where does Canada Stand? - in PDF format

cover of Where does Canada Stand 2 leaflet
Palestine and Israel: Where does Canada Stand - Version 2 - in PDF format

CanPalNet is building a coalition to support the human, democratic and national rights of the Palestinian people. Our work is guided by accumulated international law and central United Nations resolutions.

We invite you to join with Canadians from all backgrounds to help achieve peace with justice.

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Links to articles recommended by CanPalNet members


The Electronic Intifada - Palestinian site dedicated to providing news about the Intifada and exposing the biases and inaccuracies of global media coverage of the conflict.

LAW - Palestinian Centre for Human Rights and the Enviroment - Palestinian association engaged in monitoring human rights abuses in the occupied territories.

IndyMediaCentre - Israel - Alternative media network.

HaAretz Daily Newspaper - English version of Israel’s leading liberal daily.

Al Ahram - English version of Egypt’s leading daily newspaper.

PENGON - Palestinian Environment NGO’s Network - Includes current information about the Apartheid Wall.


Poster: The Wall in the West Bank - in PDF format (2.7 MB) from PENGON: The Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network

The Wall in the West Bank

Background Papers on the Middle East Crisis - From Le Monde Diplomatique

Origin of the Palestine - Israel Conflict - From Jews for Justice in the Middle East

BADIL - Palestinian refugee rights

MERIP Primer on the Uprising in Palestine - Intro to the current Intifada in Palestine put together by US-based Middle East journal.

Archive of Articles on the history of Palestine & Israel - Large archive of articles about the history of Zionism

CEPAL - Canadian-Palestinian Educational Exchange


The Birzeit Complete Guide to Palestine’s Websites Bir Zeit University’s directory of Palestinian WWW resources

AIC - Directory (contacts&links) - Directory of Palestinian and Israeli organizations engaged in human rights work.

U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation, a coalition focused on changing U.S. policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Campaign is based on human rights and international law.


Canada Palestine Support Network (Canpalnet) Canpalnet gathers Canadians of all backgrounds who support the human, democratic, and national rights of the Palestinian people. It aims to change the policies and actions of the Canadian government so that these come to support the rights of the Palestinian people. Canpalnet guides itself by United Nations resolutions affirming Palestinians’ right of return and calling for an end to the Israeli occupation.

Canada Palestine Association Since 1980 CPA has engaged in activities from fundraising for Palestinian medical charities to educational forums to advocacy work with all levels of government. Over the years it has opposed the racist stereotyping of Palestinian and Arab Canadians and explained the Palestinian peoples’ aspirations and human and national rights to people in British Columbia.

International Solidarity Movement - Vancouver A Palestinian-led movement of Palestinian and International activists who utilize nonviolent direct action to support the Palestinian struggle for freedom and an end to Israeli occupation. ISM-Vancouver is a local affiliate of the International Solidarity Movement. Its mandate is to assist activists from Western Canada who want to join the nonviolent resistance in Palestine.

Jews for a Just Peace is an organization of Vancouver Jews whose purpose is to build support in our community for a fair and just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We support the right of both Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace and security. We believe that the most urgent problem at present is the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and we work to end that occupation. For more information contact info@jewsforajustpeace.com

Palestine Community Centre, a centre in British Columbia which aims to provide social, cultural, and political programs and services. It serves the Arab Community in BC and protects & preserves the Palestinian national identity, as well as empowering the Arab Community and its political presence in BC.

Palestine Solidarity Group believes in the full political, economic, and national liberation for the Palestinian People in its entirety. It strives for a full and unconditional end to the Israeli occupation of the 1967 territories, the unconditional right of return for all Palestinian refugees, and full political, legal, and economic equality within the 1948 territories.

Stopwar.ca StopWar.ca is a broad based coalition of over 160 organizations and individuals that responded to international calls for days of action against the war, beginning November 17th, 2002. It continues to organize against the war on Iraq and for peace and justice in the Middle East, doing education, mass mobilization and lobbying.
Phone: (604) 737-1299 or (604) 687-3223
E-mail: contact@stopwar.ca

Vancouver Jewish Youth Against the Occupation is an organization of Vancouver Jewish Youth against the occupation. Contact: vjyato@yahoogroups.com


What’s New on EI? Webfeed from the Electronic Intifada.

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